About Us

Not The Typical Market

To set up this space every day we search with passion, we observe carefully, we select with care and when everything convinces us

We shop exactly as you would,

because we do not propose anything that has not struck us before you.

Never Trivial

It does not matter whether it is vintage or recent, unusual or commonly used pieces!

The exclusivity of each proposed object lies in the fact that it was born from a non-trivial trait and, like all non-trivial ideas, it still has things to say.


 The needle

Our job is to peek into a cellar, browse in an attic, wander through the stalls of a market.


It is rummaging in a haystack and hoping to ... find the needle.


Bellerrimo, on the other hand, the fatigue of the pleasure of coming across something that you might never have looked for but which is here, among our proposals, for you.